The Best Media Streaming Services in 2016

Let’s face it: we all love streaming services. They’re a convenient and fast way to access our favorite content across home and portable devices. Some of them are even free. However, with so many services on the Internet, how are you supposed to choose from them? Here is a list with the best streaming services on the Internet:


Prices starting at $8.99/mo.

Netflix is, without a doubt, the biggest name in the streaming game, due to it being one of the first in the market. With a huge selection of hit TV shows and blockbuster movies and a decent monthly price, Netflix is an offer too good to pass. In 2016, the service is bound to become even better, as they have recently struck a deal with Disney and they are planning to expand in over 77 countries worldwide. This means that many users outside the United States will now be able to watch shows without using a VPN.


Free / Limited commercials for $7.99/mo / No commercials for $11.99/mo.

Hulu has always been the Netflix alternative for people who enjoy newer shows, but it has also been living in the shadow of Netflix for the entirety of its existence. Why? Because even if you paid for its former premium service, Hulu Plus.

Well, all that has changed. Since autumn of last year, Hulu now offers a “No commercials” premium package, but it’ll set you back 12 dollars a month. Those who don’t feel like shelling out extra money for current TV shows can still watch recent episodes for free, or with limited commercials for 8 dollars a month.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

$99/year including music streaming service and free, priority delivery on

A relatively new service, Amazon Prime Instant Video features a plethora of movies and TV shows, including Amazon originals, and comes with a free music streaming service and Prime delivery on With all those extras included, 99 dollars per year is a bargain.

Amazon Prime Instant Video has a huge advantage over its competitors: it allows users to download episodes and movies so they can play them offline. Not all content is available for this, but it definitely comes in handy when you don’t have access to the Internet.

The other streaming service included in this package, Amazon Prime Music, offers a ad-free access to a rich library comprised of recent music hits and older albums. While this service alone wouldn’t be worth 99 dollars per year, the fact that it is included in a fantastic bundle makes it definitely worth it.

YouTube Red


The newest service on the market, YouTube Red doesn’t stream the content you might be used to. Instead of offering TV shows and movies, YouTube Red offers… YouTube videos. That is, ad-free. For 10 dollars a month, you can watch your favorite YouTube videos without having to deal with intrusive, unskippable ads which get annoying after you watched them twice.

It also features some poor, original YouTube productions starring popular youtubers like PewDiePie or the Fine Bros, but the real benefits of YouTube Red come to Android users.

On Android, you are able to download videos for offline play and play videos in background. You also get access to Google Play Music at the same time, making this package more attractive.


Free / $4.99/mo. for students / $9.99/mo.

Spotify is an already well-known music streaming service, with a big userbase and an even bigger library. It can be accessed on both a mobile device or a PC, and it lets users listen to its huge library for free. However, there are certain ads between songs, and all advertise one thing: Spotify Premium.

If ads are not your thing, and you like high-quality audio and being able to download songs on your device, then Spotify Premium is the service for you. For 10 dollars a month (half of that for students), you get an ad-free experience and access to an amazing library.


Alternative: Making your own streaming media!

If you don’t feel like dealing with ads or having to pay a monthly fee, you can now make your own streaming media, with a simple program. Just follow the instructions on this page and you’ll be set in no time!