The Games Which Skipped PC

PC gaming has undoubtedly risen in popularity in the past few years, with the whole “PC Master Race” community pushing it aggressively. As a result, the last few years have seen plenty of older games ported to PC from their respective consoles. However, there are still plenty of popular titles which have completely skipped PC, thus making PC players have to purchase a console in order to play them. Let’s go over the biggest culprits:

The Halo series

Halo: Combat Evolved was a First-Person Shooter that completely changed the genre when it released – not only did it have a great hybrid between regenerative health (shields in this case) and the normal system, but it also had some amazing gameplay and an incredibly good story. As a result, the game spawned a blockbuster series which still goes on to have millions of fans today. The first two Halo titles were released on PC, but both with delay – by the time Halo 2 got ported as an exclusive for Windows Vista, Halo 3 was out for the Xbox 360.

These past few years, the PC scene has seen three minor Halo releases, all spin-offs, which went under the radar due to their nature. The first two, Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike are top-down shooter games, tying in with the Halo main story by filling out small gaps in the story, adding very little to the lore.

Last year, however, a proper Halo release, albeit multiplayer-only, called Halo Online released exclusively for the Russian market. Halo Online was meant to be a Free-to-Play game, with players being able to purchase abilities, boosts and cosmetics. The game’s files were accidentally leaked weeks before its release, and, given that the game was built on the Halo 3 engine, in a few months, the community had made a proper Halo 3 PC multiplayer game from it. The development team of the Halo 3 mod, ElDewrito, is still working on improvements to this day. In the meanwhile, the mod took so much out of the official Halo Online’s popularity, that they had to shut it down temporarily in December.

If you want to check out the ElDewrito mod, /r/haloonline has some great links and tutorials to get you going in minutes!

Skate 3

While there are many skating games on PC, none compares to Electronic Arts’ popular Skate 3. The game lets players do tricks, jumps and just have fun in a large playground, full of rails, ramps and even a shark pit. While the game became an instant classic on release due to everyone loving it, 6 years later, there’s still no PC release for it. Given that so much time has passed, chances are that it won’t ever come to PC, but there are currently talks of a Skate 4 being announced at this year’s EA Play event. Given EA’s push into PC gaming lately with Origin Access, there is a high chance that Skate 4 will also come to PC.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band

While there are a few older Guitar Hero games on PC, such as Guitar Hero 3, newer titles have completely missed a PC release. Harmonix’s Rock Band series hasn’t treated PC gamers any better, as they have completely ignored the platform. However, recently, Harmonix has released a blog post stating that the reason they haven’t released their games on PC due to the consoles being a better social experience. They also stated that with the appearance of Steam Machines and the Steam Big Picture mode, the PC platform is becoming a better living room experience, and this might mean that we’ll see more rhythm games on PC in the future.

If you’re a PC gamer and you really want to scratch that rhythm game itch, you should definitely give Frets on Fire a try. It’s a completely free game, to which you can add your own songs!