Top Mobile Apps to Keep your Devices Synced

Smartphone is no longer a facility, it has become a must have part of our daily lives. Within few months, the smartphone technology takes a hike in terms of functionality, performance and overall user friendliness. Syncing your smartphone with other devices is no longer impossible. In fact, you’ll find plenty of apps that’ll help you sync your smartphone with other devices. Here are a few apps that will connect you with any device of your choice without any issues:

AirDroid (Android)mobile phone user

AirDroid is synching tool designed for Android platforms. It offers a component but pleasant interface that makes it easy for user to synchronize data with other devices. The software uses proprietary algorithms to maintain synchronization between two or more devices such as smartphone, desktop or laptop or a tablet pc. Keep in mind that in order to work properly, all devices should be installed with android software, preferably the same version. With Airdroid, you can share pictures, videos, and documents in different formats such as word or excel based files among others.

Superbeam (Android/ iOS)

Not familiar with web usage? Not a problem, as the Superbeam is here to solve it for you. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS and uses Wi-Fi Direct to send records amongst different platforms. The app is quite well designed and has shown no issues with platform compatibility. Due to excellent integration algorithms, the app rarely crashes or malfunctions. At its core, the Superbeam helps synchronize two or more platforms and allows flawless exchange of different types of data.

For instance, the apps examines an on-screen QR code or matching them over with the help of Near Field Communication (NFC) feature of your device. As iOS limits document administration to the camera move, you’ll just have the capacity to share photographs and video from your iPhone or iPad. On Android, you can pictures, music, applications, archives and even contacts.

Pushbullet (Android/iOS)

Pushbullet is ideal for that on both iOS and Android. Pushbullet gives you a chance to send videos and content to multiple platforms almost immediately. Thanks to Pushbullet synching app, you can send stuff to your friends and colleagues almost instantly. Likewise, this app naturally fetches the webpage you are browsing so you can rapidly share a fascinating article that is worth reading with just a click of the mouse. Moreover, the application is cross platform compatible with both Windows and Mac. This gives you a chance to share almost anything straight from your desktop to another device.

Xender (Android/iOS)

In terms of functionality and overall synching performance, Xender’s a considerably similar to the AirDroid. It has the ability to administer your documents and send them to another platform when you want to. You can synchronize your device in the event that it’s on the same system as your PC, or use logged off mode to make a Wi-Fi hotspot when you are not connected to the web. Xender’s desktop interface is all business. You can see all the pictures, videos, music, archives, applications and different documents put away on your gadget by changing starting with one tab then onto the next. Similarly as with AirDroid, you can exchange numerous videos to and from your device.

WeTransfer (Android/iOS)

If you need to empty a large quantity of photographs and video without a moment’s delay, the WeTransfer is the app to use. This free application gives you a chance to transfer up to 10GB in one go and send a connection to download your videos through email without even logging in. This is particularly advantageous when you need to remotely send documents or data to another platform. Also, it gives you a chance to email different connections without any delay and send a message with it. On iOS, you can drag down on the photograph screen to choose an alternate collection of pictures to transfer, tap and hold to view them and double tap to choose various pictures. In case you’re on Android, you can tap and hold to see pictures by swiping the screen with two fingers.