Turtle Beach’s New Pair of Glass Speakers Speaks Directly to You

Turtle Beach, a company specializing in gaming audio equipment recently unveiled what can be called the craziest and most advanced speakers ever to have been designed, yet. You could say that these speakers are magical audio beams as it promises to speak directly to you and you only.

That’s right. The speakers are designed so they will speak to you and not anyone else you are with. For instance, if you are in the car, it makes it possible for you to listen to music but without disturbing anyone else with you. Called HyperSound glass, it’s a directional speaker designed and built allowing for a beam of audio to be directed to a listener.

It generates a beam of audio in the air surrounding the listener, thus they are only the ones who can hear the sound. The way that the HyperSound glass works, it is quite similar to when a flashlight illuminates a certain area. It really is a crazy kind of speaker being able to direct a sound to a specific area. turtle-beach-hypersound-glass-1200x800

There’s also the way that the HyperSound glass speakers are completely different to how a traditional speaker looks. It’s very notable that it does not look like speakers at all as both units are completely flat and formed mainly by glass. It is real unique and interesting for a speaker to look different as the HyperSound glass speakers by Turtle Beach.

The effect of the glass speakers are produced from layers and layers of transparent films and electronics, that according to the company. The speakers work simply by using ultrasonic sound so as to project audio in a particular direction. In order to hear the audio output, you will have to sit directly and immediately in front of the glass speakers.

The HyperSound glass speakers are not the only transparent speakers in the market. However, they are the first of the speakers to ever have directional audio output. The HyperSound Glass speakers will be on display for the very first time from June 14 to 16 in Los Angeles at the 2016 Electronics Entertainment Expo.

The glass speakers are truly amazing and there are a number of potential applications of the speakers that’s real practical. The CEO of Turtle Beach, Juergen Stark, even mentioned recently that the technology can be integrated into an automotive dashboard glass. This way, it can provide warnings that are completely directed at the driver.

In more ways than one, it can help drivers and other users. At the same time, if there are two people who have different opinion on listening to music, the other one can easily direct the audio output to him or her while the other tries to relax in silence. It’s a good way to resolve the issues related to that particular circumstance.

It’s also been said that Turtle Beach is in the talk of licensing the new tech. This time, people will not be able to see and experience what it directional audio can bring them. Could it really improve your experience in a whole new level or would you settle to using just any decent pair of headphones?