Upcoming projects & server downtime

Feb 1-3 my server was down because Comcast had an outage and changed their configuration without telling their customers. So I apologize for that.

The site has a nicer theme and i’m still looking for a good bug reporting plugin. If i cant find one, i will make one.

Netflix look-a-like project has been seeing a lot of visitors, so i’ll be continuing development into v1.6 with new features and improvements.

I’ve been working very hard on 2 other hardware projects for about 3 months perfecting them. I will keep them a secret for now. But let’s just say they’re pretty cool and an original design. No has done this before!

I’m continuing with eqtrainer. Adding more maps and coordinates. I will try and find more features. Maybe a merge with other EQ variations like project 1999 or eqlive.

Some other software projects i’ve been working on for Windows 8 and the iOS for Newgrounds. I just can’t seem to find the time yet. I still want to figure out the Newgrounds login system if anyone has some incite in that.