Watching G4TV in 2016

Yes G4TV is still dead, but you can enjoy the content on and YouTube. My favorite time seeing the channel was as early as you could go back and see when they were ALL gaming. Shows such as X-Play, Arena, Icons and Portal. Towards the end of its life it became a race to raise the demographic viewing age so they could get those higher paying ads (beer and cars) by putting on re-runs of Cops and Cheaters.

So how can you watch a TV show that doesn’t exist in 2016? You can make your own using using one of these methods.

1) Using this older guide post. Basically you need Kodi and PseudoTV and download all the episodes you can get your hands on.

2) Check out my Viloud channel dedicated to G4TV. If you like and use the Viloud channel, please voice your opinion!