WebMC Progress 4-13-2015

user system (75%)

Might add to profiles later. Age restriction setup in DB, but need restriction for video display. Paypal fields in acp setup, files uploaded but not hooked up yet.
[100] login
[100] registration
[90] profile
[75] age restrictions
[10] payment

video data system (47.5%)

Can edit movie data. tmdb pulling and storing data works. Cannot edit tvshow data or upload pics.
[100] tvshow data pull/store
[0] tvshow data edit
[0] tvshow poster/screenshots upload
[100] movie data pull/store
[85] movie data edit
[0] movie poster/screenshots upload

settings system (97.5%)

acp needs to have uploadable pics file and playback options.
[95] admin control panel
[100] ini files

global functions system (96.6%)

New classes and functions will continue to happen until project complete.
[95] classes
[95] functions
[100] sqlite

template system (91.6%)

Some words are still hard coded and need to be added to languages files. Template files need an upload system for pics.
[100] global template files css/js/html
[90] default template files
[85] languages

video system (25%)

Video playback is only html5 right now. Need other options like VLC etc.
[25] playback