[Wii U] How To Play Backed Up Games

If you would like to load your games off a USB HDD instead of an SD card, read this when you’re done with this article!

The Wii U is Nintendo’s current home console, and it has quite the reputation on the Internet. While some are still laughing at the console’s goofy name, most of its owners are very satisfied with the console and its range of first-party titles, such as Super Mario Maker and Super Smash Bros. 4.

If you own a Wii U and are tired of having to switch game discs whenever you want to play a new game (this is if you’re a fan of physical copies), then you’re in luck: a recent software for the Wii U has solved your problem.

What is Loadiine?

The first backup loader for the Wii U, Loadiine allows you to boot up games from an SD card, making it easy for you to store all your games on one single device, making the entire gaming experience better for the user.

Loadiine isn’t hard to use at all, but it does require your Wii U console to run on a specific version. This guide will be for consoles running version 5.0.0 – 5.4.0.

How do I use Loadiine?

Host the files from https://github.com/dimok789/loadiine_gx2/releases using WAMP. Write down the computer’s IP address (cmd > ipconfig).

This method requires you to have games backed up on your SD card. Setup your SD card using this method > http://gbatemp.net/threads/loadiine-gx2.413823/

In order to start the process, boot up your Wii U console.

Then, navigate to the WAMP server computer by its IP address.

I would recommend purchasing a 128GB SD card, you will be able to fit maybe 20-30 games on it.

There is only a few games that arn’t compatible and if you want to see a list, check out http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/Loadiine_compatibility_list.

What if I’m on an earlier version?

Some previous version have their own ports available on gbatemp.net forums.

What about later versions?

If you’re on a later version of the Wii U, you have bad luck, as the only version for 5.5.0 is still in progress currently. There is no talk about 5.5.1 so if you’re on the newest version, you will have to either wait till IOSU comes out, or some firmware roll back method.

So, with all these promising programs coming soon, it looks like the Wii U modding scene has a very bright future!

UPDATE: New homebrew launcher method!

There is a new method available now with the Homebrew Launcher. Load the app folder to your SD card, and host the WWW files on your WAMP computer. Visit the WAMP computer IP 2 times to load the Homebrew Launcher to your WiiU. Now when you visit the Mii Channel it will launch a homebrew menu with all your SD card applications (elf files) including Loadiine GX2. Now you don’t need to use the WAMP computer to launch Loadiine GX2 so your fail rate should be almost 0%!

UPDATE 2: New USB HDD method!

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