Wii U redNAND

What is a redNAND? It’s short for a redirect NAND. This means that you dump your NAND somewhere (an SD card), modify that NAND firmware, and then the console will load from that modified NAND firmware instead of the one that is currently on the system. Similar to how the Gateway chip on the 3DS works. The Gateway chip needed to use an exploit to use a redNAND so it could read from the Gateway chip.

Update to 5.5.1 U/E firmware (newest).


– No sign check. This lets you install DLC you didn’t purchase.
– Region free. You can now install games from any region!

– 16gb SD for 8gb console or 64gb SD for 32gb console. A bigger card will work too.
– Homebrew launcher on your Wii U SD card.

1) Install Python 3.5.2 – Select the “Use environment variables” option.

2) Now setup pycrypto
Download and install the 2015 build tools

– Open a command prompt (press WINDOWS+R keys, type in CMD, hit enter) and copy/paste these commands
pip install --upgrade pip --user
pip install -U pip setuptools --user
pip install pycrypto --user

NOTE: If you get an error message about missing “rc.exe”. Search your computer for rc.exe and copy both rc.exe and rcdll.dll and paste it in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\bin”

3) Install devkitpro – You only need “Minimal System” and “devkitARM”, you can uncheck the other options if you want.

4) Download the armips program. – Put it into “C:\devkitPro\msys\bin”

5) Download Dimok or FIX94‘s iosuhax code. – Click “clone or download” button. Extract contents to a folder. Make sure this folder’s path doesn’t have spaces (EX: C:/folder/iosuhax)

6) Edit bin/getfwimg.py with notepad. – Change the top 2 variables to this…

wiiu_common_key = “D7B00402659BA2ABD2CB0DB27FA2B656”
starbuck_ancast_key = “B5D8AB06ED7F6CFC529F2CE1B4EA32FD”

7) Download otp2sd unzip it to your Wii U SD card and launch it via homebrew launcher.
Your Wii U should restart (this makes a file called otp.bin).
Place the SD card in to your PC, copy your otp.bin file from your SD card to your PC outside your iosuhax folder (not inside it).

8) Open a command prompt. (WINDOWS+R, cmd, enter) Type in…

CD C:\iosuhax-master\

You now have your fw.img file in “C:\iosuhax-master” (your redNAND)!
NOTE: Do not use the one located in the bin folder!

9) Place the fw.img on the root of your SD card. Make a backup of the contents on your SD card as once you do the next process those files will be deleted.

10) Get the CFWBooter app for your homebrew chamnel. Launch CFWBooter and it will tell you to press the power button on your Wii U console to get the SD card ready for the redNAND partition. Now wait a VERY long time for it to finish.

11) After it’s complete, put the SD card back in to your PC and put the SD card back up files back on to your SD card. Put the SD card back in to the Wii U and run CFWBooter from the homebrew channel. You are now in redNAND!


1) Download sysconfigtool – Create a folder named install on the root of your sd card and copy the contents of sysconfigtool into it.

2) Download this and copy the stuff from the meta folder into sdroot/wiiu/apps/wupinstaller if you don’t have this directory create it, then copy over wupinstaller.elf from the archive.

3) Boot up your redNAND and run the homebrew launcher. Choose wupinstaller and then hit “A”. It’ll install.

IMPORTANT: Coldboothax is dangerous. If things aren’t setup correctly before we move on, this WILL brick your console.

Make sure you have done the following:
– Haxchi is on your internal memory / sysNAND. NOT on the USB thumbstick!! Triple check the system > memory to be 100% sure this is setup correctly.
– Test Haxchi 50 times. Does it ALWAYS boot to your redNAND and have absolutely NO issues? Then you are good.

Here is the tutorial for coldboothax (you dont need Mocha CFW).