Wii U USB Game Loading

If you want to install DLC on your USB installed games, read this!

It is now possible to install Wii U backed up games to a USB hard drive! This will be different then how you would do this on PS3 or Xbox360. You will not be placing ISO files on to your USB drive, instead you will be installing games through the system via homebrew app on to the USB drive. You also do not need to download ISO files from third party sites like Mega or Google Drive.


  • USB HDD plugged in to your Wii U and formatted to work with the console
  • Have Homebrew app on your SD card and ready to use
  • FunKiiU GUI: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0y8xi61vgg7hirj/NUSGrabber.rar
  • Modified wupinstaller: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wupinstaller-y-mod-with-mulitple-install-folders.445907/
    1. Place the modified wup installer on your SD card.
    2. Go to the Wii U Title Database to locate the title you want to install on the USB hdd. Copy the Title ID. (it should begin with “00050000”) THESE ARE SPECIFIC TO YOUR CONSOLE’S REGION!
    3. Use the FunKiiU gui and for the URL type in “wiiu.titlekeys.com”. Now type in your title key you want to download and press download onlinekey button. It will download the game from Nintendo’s servers and get/make modified title files.
    4. Copy all the files that were downloaded to your SD card in the folder “install” (if it’s not there, make it).
    5. Insert the SD card in to your Wii U, turn on your Wii U, and open homebrew menu. Select the WUP Installer Modified homebrew app to start it, then when the app is started press the X button to start installing to your USB HDD!
    6. ENJOY!


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    2. Pulpo
      Pulpo Avatar

      Links are dead… Can you re-upload them? I’m interested particularly in the WUP installer, as I can’t find it by googling. Thanks.

      1. erfg12
        erfg12 Avatar

        Fixed! Thanks for reporting that!

    3. […] In the past for the Wii U we had methods of loading homebrew from the SD card and trigger those packages through the browser, which we still need to use today to dump our NAND chip (the on board chip that has our firmware) to our SD card. But now we are on our way to having a full blown custom firmware to do with what we want and install homebrew to our channels so we don’t necessarily have to use an SD card or a web browser again. Maybe even have a USB loader method so we can drag-n-drop multiple .WUD files on to a USB HDD, so we don’t need to install them one after another manually. […]

    4. Anon815
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      Links are dead again 🙁

      1. erfg12
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        All fixed! Also added an easier method to getting game files.

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