Windows 10 Tech Preview

Now that Microsoft has released a tech preview for their new Windows 10 operating system, we can take a peek at what Windows 10 has to offer. You can either upgrade your existing Windows 8 operating system, or install it on a new computer. I would recommend installing this operating system in a virtual machine environment. Personally, I used VMWare Workstation with Windows 8 preset settings. If you do install this on a new machine and end up using it on your main computer, be aware that Microsoft will eventually end their beta period and remove the beta keys and future updates for the product once it reaches it’s final build and Microsoft begins selling it as a final product.


  • More focused on Desktop usage
  • Start menu with live tiles
  • Charms bar is less prevalent
  • Live apps can be manipulated the same as desktop programs
  • Multiple virtual desktops
  • New snap assist UI
This video shows me installing Windows 10 Tech Preview and testing some of the new features.
Here is a tech preview key that you are welcome to use during the installation process.


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