Windows Media Center Auto Start, with no animation and live TV


If you’re trying to get rid of your DVR cable box and replace it with your own computer, one thing you will most likely be using is Windows Media Center. Microsoft provides this software suite with Windows 7 and 8 professional edition. When you dedicate your system to becoming a DVR you will want it to start up just like your cable provider’s DVR did.

I created a zip archive with 2 script files inside. The first is a vb script that is to be placed in your startup folder. This will trigger the second script to start, with a silence effect so you don’t see any command prompt windows opening. The second is a batch file that issues some arguments to Windows Media Center. This will be placed alone in your C drive. If you plan on changing the location of the batch file, modify the vb script with notepad to change its location.

I hope everyone enjoys these scripts, and if you have any questions please post in the comments below. ENJOY!

launch Windows Media Center with no animation, and straight to live TV

1) place StartWMC.vbs in your start up folder
ex: C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
2) place wmc.bat in your C drive folder

NOTE: If you cannot place the wmc.bat file in your C drive folder, modify the StartWMC.vbs file to the location of your wmc.bat file.