Working Xbox 360 Emulator – Xenia

Xenia is a new project that aims to emulate the Xbox 360. Not so much the Live part or the backwards compatibility, just the actual Xbox 360 games themselves. Even some Xbox Live games are playable, but the service of being able to play against or chat with people online is not. There is a reddit community and a chat room available to talk with the developers, but the best way to get support is through the GitHub project page. This project only supports the newer graphics cards that have 4.0 GPL+ with GL_ARB_bindless_texture. You can use the link below in the important information section to see if your video card is compatible.

Do not expect to play every game initially as it is in its early development phase and still requires lots of work. The more support we show them, the faster this project can move. Use the sections below for more information on how to build the source. If you need a copy and you’re unsure how to build, send me a message on Twitter and I will be glad to give you a compiled copy.

Software Requirements to Compile

Visual Studio 2015

Python 2.7

GitHub for Windows

Compile Instructions

If you haven’t already, add Python to your system variables. (System > Advanced System Settings (left side) > Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables (button)). Scroll down to the Path variable, click on it, and press the “Edit…” button. Press “New” and type in “C:\Python27”. Press “OK” to close out the windows.

Open your Git Shell and use the following commands…

> git clone --recursive
> cd ./xenia
> ./xb.bat setup
> ./xb.bat devenv

Now press build using Visual Studio.

Open your Debug folder and you will find your xenia.exe file.

Important Information

Game Compatibility

Supported Graphics Cards – graphics cards in green are supported, red are not.