Clan Mod - The Jedi Knight Mod


From my early days as a developer, I loved playing the Jedi Knight series. Specifically Academy and Outcast. When playing Jedi Outcast with my new founded clan RoAR (Rebels of Another Realm), we found it necessary to use a mod to help us grow closer and enforce rules. At that time we used Jedi Academy mod (not the second game) that was developed by TheChosenOne. A very well developed mod, few bugs, overall a nice piece of software. Later, we moved on to Slider’s JA+ mod. Once again a nice mod, but this one was riddled with 1 hit kill bugs, and glitches galor! I had to make a better mod!

This is a mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy multiplayer, specifically for clan and server management. Developed to offer all the features a server or clan owner needs. Administrative in-game commands, map modification in-game commands, and game customization options. There is a plugin to alter some in-game functions, but any client can join a clan mod server without any required files. Removed all 1 hit kill glitch/bugs and fixed any known server crashing exploits. This mod is a massive collaboration with many other developer’s codes that created this wonderful project. This may include features you never knew existed. For example, 3 NEW game types that were built in to the game, but were removed before the game released!

Another fun feature is you can have NPC wars! Spawn a Desann army to fight the Kyle Katarn army! You can control them to follow you and become your body guards to fight off any attackers, or tell them to attack certain people or other NPCs. Spawn FXfiles and models in your map while you play and save them for future use! You can add chairs, tables, glasses and other dodads from the game. You can also spawn really great looking effects in your map like flames, lazers and ice cones. Create ride able vehicles such as rancors and speeder bikes. 5 levels of administration, new administration commands never seen before in other mods, advanced server ban options, clan authentication system, and full administration UI menus!

After a few months of development, and several tests, it was ready to release! I gave out the build to, and had several revisions. And finally, give the community the open source builds that it deserved to have in the first place.

Jedi Academy Mod

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Jedi Outcast Mod

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