3G2SD Vita Adapter
If you have the older 3G model of the PSVita, you can swap out the 3G adapter for a MicroSD card reader! This will replace your Vita Memorycard, but only work if you have a console with firmware version 3.60 and have Henkaku with Enso installed.
Android In App Purchases Free!
This does not work in all games, especially the server sided ones. 
C# making a game trainer from scratch
C# making a trainer from scratch with Visual Studio Community Edition 2017 and Memory.dll
Cloud Sync Virtual Machines
Do you have one or more virtual machines you want stored in the cloud, but synced with all your devices that use it? Here's a free solution!
Diablo 3 Server Emulator
Mooege was the only server emulator available for Diablo 3. It was developed when the closed beta was released to only family and friends.
Getting Your Dreamcast Back Online, Without a Broadband Adapter!
There is a new developer out there to bring the Dreamcast back online with the use of a Raspberry Pi!
Hacking the vWii (on Wii U) With No Game
Play backed up gamecube games and wii games on your Wii U by hacking your vWii.
How To Fix PlayStation 3 Update Error 8002F14E
What does this error number mean? Your PlayStation 3 console's Blu-Ray Drive was not found or disconnected!
How To Minimize Discord on Startup
Here's a batch file that will minimize Discord on startup. There is a small setup needed to do this though.
How to use GitHub Windows client with GitLab Repos/Accounts
GitHub is a great place to host your public Git repos. But, if you want to create private repos you have to pay. This is where GitLab shines.
Make your own Amiibo
Lots of Android devices out there have the ability to read/write to NFC tags. So if we have an NTAG215 NFC tag and write the Amiibo data to it, we can claim it as our own on the console.
Making a Discord Bot With NodeJS
If you have a Discord chat channel and want to make your own custom bot it seems somewhat difficult to start, especially if you haven't programmed with node.js before
Play Original Xbox Games on your Xbox 360 Unofficial Hard Drive
Play your original Xbox games on your Xbox 360 Unofficial Hard Drive. With this program and a special partition file that allows you to create the data required for playing these games!
PlayStation 2 Slim Hacking
This modification to your console will let you play backed up copies of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games. This tutorial is only for the slim model.
PuTTY for MacOS
PuTTY is an open source SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. So letís install a mac port of PuTTY....
SD2Vita - MicroSD adapter for the PSVita and PSTV
With the SD2Vita adapter you can use a MicroSD card as a memory card instead of the Vita memory cards.
Setting up Super Smash Bros Legacy XP
There are 2 methods to setting up Super Smash Bros Legacy XP. The modded and non-modded methods.
Wii U How To Play Backed Up Games
It is now possible to install Wii U backed up games to a USB hard drive! This will be different then how you would do this on PS3 or Xbox360.
Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista and 7 themes for Windows 10
These packages are specifically made for Windows 10 to look like Windows XP, Vista or 7!