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EverQuest – PC Trainer

Currently for EQEmu servers; Titanium, Mac, RoF, etc. game clients.


  • Teleport To Coordinates
  • Save and Load Teleport Coordinates
  • No Falling Damage
  • No Stuns
  • Show Buff/Debuff Times
  • Target Level & Class (even if anonymous)
  • Separate GPS Map System
  • Display Bank & Character Money
  • Display HP, Mana and XP Numerical Values
  • Follow Exactly Behind Any Target
  • Search NPCs in Zone And Teleport To Them
  • Ultravision For Any Race
  • Infinite under water breathing
  • Automated Bot Scripts
  • Multiple Game Process Hacking
  • Can use MQ2 (Macroquest 2) functions
  • 100’s of Zone teleport coordinate files from server
  • and much more!




Written on April 2, 2018

Tags: Cheats, EverQuest, Sony, PC