Library for making C# and VB.Net game trainers

Compiled DLL Source Code
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Getting Started

  1. Open Visual Studio and make a new project.
  2. Add reference to Memory.dll.
    Project » Add Reference » Browse… » Select Memory.dll
  3. Check if your game requires 64bit compiling. READ
  4. Raise app privileges. READ

You’re ready to start using Memory.dll and building your game trainer!

C# App Usage

  • Place using statement above namespace.
  • using Memory;
  • Create a namespace for Mem in your class.
  • public Mem m = new Mem();

    VB.Net App Usage

  • Place Imports statement above Public Class.
  • Imports Memory
  • Create a namespace for Mem in your class.
  • Dim m As New Memory.Mem

    Now you can use m.FUNCTIONS in your project! Click here for documentation.

    Want your trainer to appear here?
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