Library for making C# and VB.Net game trainers

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Getting Started

  • Open Visual Studio and make a new project.
  • Add reference to Memory.dll. Project » Manage NuGet Packages... » select Browse » Search For Memory.dll
    • Or, for manual installation...
    • Project » Add Reference » Browse... » Select Memory.dll

C# App Usage

  • Place using statement above namespace.
  • using Memory;
  • Create a namespace for Mem in your class.
  • public Mem m = new Mem();

    VB.Net App Usage

  • Place Imports statement above Public Class.
  • Imports Memory
  • Create a namespace for Mem in your class.
  • Dim m As New Memory.Mem

    IMPORTANT: Your program must run with admin privileges! Click here to learn how.

    Now you can use m.FUNCTIONS in your project! Click here for wiki docs.

    Want your trainer to appear here?
    Send me an email with your trainer, game and version.