Xbox 360 and PS3 (1080p + all games) Remote Play Streaming

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Required Hardware

  1. 0 latency HDMI input device (Elgato Cam Link, HD60S, etc.)
  2. GIMX cable
  3. Xbox360 - Wired Xbox 360 controller for authentication purposes
  4. PS3 - HDCP stripping tool


  • If you made the GIMX dummy cable, you’ll have to write the PS3 or Xbox360 firmware to the board depending on which console you wish to remote into.
  • Open Steam and add a non-steam game. Select the Elgato Game Capture software.
  • Setup the GMX Launcher software with the input of your PC’s internal network IP and the output to GMX cable. On your remote device (laptop, GPDWin, etc.) use input hardware device, output host PC’s internal network IP.
  • Be sure to have your controller plugged in (GPDWin Xbox controller switched on) prior to launching the GIMX Launcher software.
  • Launch the GIMX host PC software first, then the client software after. Leave the command windows open as this is your live client/host connection. If you close them, it will break the connection.

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