EverQuest Single Player

Ever since I was young I wanted to play a single player version of EverQuest. Well today, I did just that, and I’m going to show you how you can too!

Xbox 360 and PS3 (1080p + all games) Remote Play Streaming

Required Hardware

  1. 0 latency HDMI input device (Elgato Cam Link, HD60S, etc.)
  2. GIMX cable
  3. Xbox360 - Wired Xbox 360 controller for authentication purposes
  4. PS3 - HDCP stripping tool

Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista And 7 Themes For Windows 10

The zip packages on this page have assets and documents for theming a Windows 10 computer to look like an older operating system. Watch the YouTube video and read the documentation provided to get an understanding of how this process works. If at any time you want to undo the theme, uninstall Classic-Shell and run the Uninstall-Theme.bat file.

Play Original Xbox Games On Your XBox 360 Unofficial Hard Drive

Lets say you purchased an unofficial xbox 360 hard drive and you want to play your original Xbox games on your Xbox 360. Well, you can’t without this program and a special partition file that allows you to create the data required for playing these games!

Getting Your Dreamcast Online, Without A Broadband Adapter!

Few people these days have dial up internet. Most everyone has ethernet cables with broadband, which leaves older technology behind. Even with the addition of the broadband adapter, you will not be able to play some games that require the dial up modem. Luckily there is a new developer out there to bring the Dreamcast back online with the use of a Raspberry Pi!

How to Minimize Discord on Startup

Here’s a batch file that will minimize Discord on startup. There is a small setup needed to do this though.