Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista And 7 Themes For Windows 10

Posted: 31 Jul 2018


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Player Original Xbox Games On Your XBox 360 Unofficial Hard Drive

Posted: 12 Apr 2018

Lets say you purchased an unofficial xbox 360 hard drive and you want to play your original Xbox games on your Xbox 360. Well, you can’t without this program and a special partition file that allows you to create the data required for playing these games!

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Wii U How To Play Backed Up Games

Posted: 11 Apr 2018

It is now possible to install Wii U backed up games to a USB hard drive! This will be different then how you would do this on PS3 or Xbox360. You will not be placing ISO files on to your USB drive, instead you will be installing games through the system via homebrew app on to the USB drive. You also do not need to download ISO files from third party sites like Mega or Google Drive.

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Playstation 4 How To Use Homebrew And Play Backed Up Games

Posted: 10 Apr 2018

The Playstation 4 jailbreak is similar to the PSVita in that you use the webkit to exploit the console and make running your own arbitrary code on the system a reality. For this to work you need to be on a specific firmware version.

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Setting Up Super Smash Bros Legacy XP

Posted: 04 Apr 2018

There are 2 methods to setting up Super Smash Bros Legacy XP. The modded and non-modded methods.

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Playstation 2 Slim Hacking

Posted: 03 Apr 2018

This modification to your console will let you play backed up copies of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games. This tutorial is only for the slim model.

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Make Your Own Amiibo

Posted: 02 Apr 2018

Amiibo figures are nothing more than NFC (Near Field Communication) chips and plastic. You can purchase NFC tags for very cheap. However, the Amiibo NFC chips are transmitting some encrypted code. But several developers have found ways to decrypt and use this data. They have uploaded their source code to GitHub. Lots of Android devices out there have the ability to read/write to NFC tags. So if we have an NTAG215 NFC tag and write the Amiibo data to it, we can claim it as our own on the console. Let’s get started!

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Getting Your Dreamcast Online, Without A Broadband Adapter!

Posted: 01 Apr 2018

Few people these days have dial up internet. Most everyone has ethernet cables with broadband, which leaves older technology behind. Even with the addition of the broadband adapter, you will not be able to play some games that require the dial up modem. Luckily there is a new developer out there to bring the Dreamcast back online with the use of a Raspberry Pi!

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Diablo 3 Server Emulator

Posted: 01 Apr 2018

Mooege was the only server emulator available for Diablo 3. It was developed when the closed beta was released to only family and friends. Now the Mooege project is closed and all the developers have left and abandoned the project.

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