Make PC Game Cartridges

Gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Sony Playstation Vita/TV are newer cartridge based media systems. There cartridges are pretty close in size to a normal SD card. I thought it would be fun to explore the possibilities of making our own game cartridges for the PC.

Diablo 1 Xbox Controller & Keyboard Mod

When I was trying to play Diablo 1 on my GPD Win I thought there has to be a way to incorporate controller support, similar to the Playstation 1 port. I remembered that there was an open source reverse engineered project for Diablo 1 called Devilution, so I figured that would be a good starting place for this project. After forking the repo, I started by getting familiar with the code base and creating new functions for how I would imagine this system working.

EverQuest – PC Trainer

Currently for EQEmu servers; Titanium, Mac, RoF, etc. game clients.

Netflix Site

This is a PHP web program you can use to make your own Netflix look-a-like website. It runs completely on PHP, no database setup required. All information and photos are pulled from IMDb.

Clan Mod - The Jedi Knight Mod

From my early days as a developer, I loved playing the Jedi Knight series. Specifically Academy and Outcast. When playing Jedi Outcast with my new founded clan RoAR (Rebels of Another Realm), we found it necessary to use a mod to help us grow closer and enforce rules. At that time we used Jedi Academy mod (not the second game) that was developed by TheChosenOne. A very well developed mod, few bugs, overall a nice piece of software. Later, we moved on to Slider’s JA+ mod. Once again a nice mod, but this one was riddled with 1 hit kill bugs, and glitches galor! I had to make a better mod!