World of Warcraft v1.12.1 Vanilla Cheat Trainer

Posted: 01 Nov 2018

I made a video for my project Memory.dll, the C# library to help people easily make a game cheat trainer in C#. In the video I was making a World of Warcraft Vanilla (version 1.12.1) game cheat trainer. Since the video, I’ve been asked to release the trainer.

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Grand Theft Auto III – Mac Cheats

Posted: 02 Apr 2018
  • Refill ammo
  • Auto regen health
  • Never wanted
  • Give max cash (9999999)
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EverQuest – PC Trainer

Posted: 02 Apr 2018

Currently for EQEmu servers; Titanium, Mac, RoF, etc. game clients.

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God Of War – PS4 Cheats

Posted: 01 Apr 2018

Here are some cheat files that were being shared around for God of War for the Playstation 4.

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