Make PC Game Cartridges

Posted: 21 Jan 2021 | Category: hacks

Gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Sony Playstation Vita/TV are newer cartridge based media systems. There cartridges are pretty close in size to a normal SD card. I thought it would be fun to explore the possibilities of making our own game cartridges for the PC.

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Cheating at Apple Arcade Games

Posted: 12 Apr 2020 | Category: hacks

There is a new version of Cheat Engine out that is compatible with the latest MacOS version. It’s very stable and usable with the latest MacOS games. At the moment of this writing it is only available on the Cheat Engine Patreon.

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Make Cheat Codes for PlayStation 3 Games

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 | Category: hacks

If you’re looking to create your own cheat codes for PlayStation 3 games like God of War or Call of Duty games, here’s an easy to follow guide to get started.

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EverQuest Single Player

Posted: 27 Feb 2020 | Category: tutorials

Ever since I was young I wanted to play a single player version of EverQuest. Well today, I did just that, and I’m going to show you how you can too!

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New Cheat Engine 7.1 Alpha for MacOS

Posted: 27 Jan 2020 | Category: hacks

If you have used a Windows computer before, you know that Cheat Engine is one of the best tools for creating and sharing personal cheats for PC games with other users. Several years back there was a MacOS version made, but it lacked all the more useful functionality of the PC version. Since the Patreon for Cheat Engine was created, DarkByte, the author of Cheat Engine, has promised the MacOS version will be updated. Well just a few days ago he delivered on that promise!

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Diablo 1 Xbox Controller & Keyboard Mod

Posted: 20 Jun 2019 | Category: hacks

When I was trying to play Diablo 1 on my GPD Win I thought there has to be a way to incorporate controller support, similar to the Playstation 1 port. I remembered that there was an open source reverse engineered project for Diablo 1 called Devilution, so I figured that would be a good starting place for this project. After forking the repo, I started by getting familiar with the code base and creating new functions for how I would imagine this system working.

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Nintendo Switch SX OS Easy Universal OS Activation System

Posted: 13 Jun 2019 | Category: tutorials

I have a few Windows 10 PCs and a Macbook that I use for software development. Sometimes I need to update my Nintendo Switch games for my SX OS. I know there are some other meathods of transferring games, but this seems to be the fastest method. Also when updating SX OS the system needs to reboot as well.

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Nintendo Switch SX OS How To Not Get Banned

Posted: 13 Jun 2019 | Category: tutorials

For a while I was in the dark about what could get you banned from Nintendo’s online services while using Team Xecuter’s SX OS. After lots of trial and error, and finally a console ban, here is what I’ve learned from my experiences.

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Play PSVita 3.61+ games on HENKaku

Posted: 02 Jan 2019 | Category: tutorials

If you have HENKaku on your PSVita and use something like PKGj to get your games, DLC, etc. you may see a (3.61+) in the content’s title. This is because HENKaku can only be installed on PSVita or PSTV systems that are at 3.60 firmware version. You can technically update from 3.60 to 3.65 once you have HENKaku installed. But still newer games or updates will sometimes require 3.67 or 3.69 firmware versions.

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World of Warcraft v1.12.1 Vanilla Cheat Trainer

Posted: 01 Nov 2018 | Category: hacks

I made a video for my project Memory.dll, the C# library to help people easily make a game cheat trainer in C#. In the video I was making a World of Warcraft Vanilla (version 1.12.1) game cheat trainer. Since the video, I’ve been asked to release the trainer.

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Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista And 7 Themes For Windows 10

Posted: 31 Jul 2018 | Category: tutorials

The zip packages on this page have assets and documents for theming a Windows 10 computer to look like an older operating system. Watch the YouTube video and read the documentation provided to get an understanding of how this process works. If at any time you want to undo the theme, uninstall Classic-Shell and run the Uninstall-Theme.bat file.

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Play Original Xbox Games On Your XBox 360 Unofficial Hard Drive

Posted: 12 Apr 2018 | Category: tutorials

Lets say you purchased an unofficial xbox 360 hard drive and you want to play your original Xbox games on your Xbox 360. Well, you can’t without this program and a special partition file that allows you to create the data required for playing these games!

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Playstation 4 How To Use Homebrew And Play Backed Up Games

Posted: 10 Apr 2018 | Category: tutorials

The Playstation 4 jailbreak is similar to the PSVita in that you use the webkit to exploit the console and make running your own arbitrary code on the system a reality. For this to work you need to be on a specific firmware version.

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